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Practice Areas

Personal Injury/ Accidents

"Accidents will happen."

We provide a comprehensive service in respect of all types of accident claims. 

A guide for the Personal Injury Board is readily available at our office. 

From medical negligence claims to accidents we have the experience to guide you safely to a successful outcome.  The cause of the accident may be the act or omission of the wrongdoer and the damage or loss caused to you can be successfully recovered as monetary compensation.

Employment Law

"The labourer is worthy of his hire."

The relationship of the employer and

employee is a personal one between the parties.  We

can advise on all aspects of the Employment Contract and Protective Legislation.  We have successfully

negotiated redundancy packages

with a clear eye on the future

employment of the client or good pension

planning if retirement is the considered option.

Harrassment or bullying in the workplace can attract the sanction of both criminal and civil remedy. 

Sexual harassment is discrimination on gender grounds and cannot be tolerated in the workplace.  The dignity of the employee is paramount.


"Not just another brick in the wall."

We can assist you at all stages of your property purchase including your mortgage. We can advise you on your liability to stamp duty and on the legal requirements of tax incentive purchase schemes. We can also offer advice on purchasing property with a partner and draft a co-ownership agreement to suit your needs.

We can assist you in the leasing of both domestic and commercial property whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant.

Intellectual Property

"We live in the Information Age & Information, my friend, is money."

The inventiveness of the human mind must be encouraged and rewarded.  The law does so by providing a framework to grant protection for a specific period of time within clearly defined juristictions.  The owners of Intellectual Property are provided with a range of protections to include copyright, patents and trade marks. 

Did you know that the Copyright Act 2000 grants an exclusive property right which permits the owner to do, or to authorize other people to do certain things in relation to their work.

Defamation/ Libel

"Your name and reputation is everything."

When your character has been tarnished by false accusation, this can cause great distress not only to you but also to your family and social circle.This is an area of law that requires expert opinion and advice.  

We have successfully dealt with cases of slander in public and libel in the print media. We increasingly advise on social media problems.(eg. Facebook ) 


Family Law

"When love breaks down."

This is an area of law that requires special attention and the utmost confidentiality.  The clients needs are dealt with in a sensitive and professional manner.  Our expert staff have years of experience in all areas from questions affecting the welfare of children to the adult partners separation or divorce requirements.

We advise on the Civil Partnership Act which has brought about many changes in the law.  The full effect of this new legislation must be taken into consideration by co-habiting clients and partners in same sex relationships.

The recognition of foreign Divorce Decrees, particularly outside the European Union, has and will cause future concern.  We advise fully on the recognition of such Decrees in this country.

Court Advocacy

"There's just us."

With nearly 30 years of  Court experience, we can assure  you of our expert representation at all stages of Court appearances whether this is at District Court level, the Higher Courts or other legal arbitration venues.  Our Mr. Edmund Henry has garnered a reputation for Court advocacy which is second to none.  We deal with all criminal matters and civil litigation in the Irish jurisdiction and beyond...  


"Death shall have no dominion."

We deal with all matters relating to wills and the administration of estates.    We can advise you both in relation to the legal requirements for a valid will and the taxation implications of your course of action.

We can also prepare your tax returns, and advise you in relation to recent changes in the tax system that might affect you.